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Mellow Mushroom

Visual development and design for interior components of

Mellow Mushroom restaurants, executed by Dreamscape Art & Design.  

Charlottesville, Virginia

This restaurant design required hippie portraits of the three U.S. presidents from the Charlottesville area, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. I composited three iconic Gilbert Stuart portraits with traditional hippie garb.

Clearwater, Florida

This design asked for iconic celebrities with mellow reflections in their shades. The icons were printed on silver foil, and their glasses on gold foil.


Classic Hollywood meets the gangster era in this Arizona store design. Old movie posters were revamped with a pizza twist. Gangster-themed murals lined the walls, and two digital portraits of a flapper and a gangster completed the look.

Savannah, Georgia​​


This design proposal asked for depictions of what the restaurant would look like with telephone poles lining the center aisle. I mocked this up in Photoshop, complete with LED colored lights inside the glass insulators and fun posters on the pole. I also mocked up a t-shirt display rack made of plumbing pipes.


Vintage metal and wooden signs were the inspiration for these ceiling panels. Each word was created in Photoshop and given a distressed look using layer masks over photographic textures.

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